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Hamden, CT  |  203-287-1985

Burt Process Equipment (Burt Process Equipment) is a leading industrial equipment supplier based in Hamden, Connecticut, with over 50 years of experience in providing high-quality process equipment and custom-engineered systems to a wide range of industries.

Burt Process Equipment specializes in fluid handling equipment and services, offering a diverse range of products including...

Burt Process Equipment, Inc. $$$

Bridgeport, NJ  |  856-270-7128

Godwin, a Xylem brand, is a leading global provider of high-quality, reliable pumping solutions for various industries, including construction, mining, municipal, and industrial applications.

Godwin's centrifugal pumps are one of the company's core products and are designed to provide reliable and efficient pumping solutions for a wide range of applications. These pumps are engineered ...

Godwin, A Xylem Brand $$$

North Tonawanda, NY  |  716-693-8813

Armstrong Pumps has been manufacturing centrifugal pumps, stainless steel centrifugal pumps and vertical centrifugal pumps for residential, commercial and industrial markets with experience since 1934. Dedicated to identifying specific market needs and bringing those products to the industry.

Armstrong Pumps Inc. $$$

Seneca Falls, NY  |  800-446-8537

For over 150 years, we have manufactured centrifugal pumps for industrial global markets. We offer hard metal, rubber lined, vertical cantilever, submersible and self priming pumps. Our solutions lower costs of the pump life cycle for fluid handling problems. ISO 9001 certified company.

Goulds Pumps, Inc. $$$

Bellerose, NY  |  718-629-6600

Since 1980, Oil Trades Supply has been a leader in refurbishing Liquid Handling equipment. We are family-owned and operated with 3 generations employed! Our expertise is getting you the equipment you need at 1/2 the cost, with double the warranty & 3X faster than OEM. Click or Call Today!

Oil Trades Supply $$$

Downingtown, PA  |  866-976-7867

To be teamed with top-notch manufacturers and our own essential engineers is certainly to your advantage for the offering of self-priming centrifugal pumps, stainless steel centrifugal pumps, multistage centrifugal pumps, sump pumps (vertical) and more that we put forward. We also perform repairs.

AB Industrial Equipment Co. $$$

Royersford, PA  |  888-268-7867

AMT, a subsidiary of The Gorman-Rupp Company, is a manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, including sump pumps, multistage centrifugal pumps and stainless steel centrifugal pumps. Choose from electric and engine driven centrifugal pumps. We have over 70 years of experience with centrifugal pumps.

AMT/The Gormon-Rupp Company $$$

Telford, PA  |  800-392-7621

Fybroc Pumps is a leading manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) centrifugal pumps, offering a wide range of reliable and efficient pumping solutions to various industries.

Fybroc's Centrifugal Pumps are specifically designed for use in highly corrosive and abrasive environments, where traditional metal pumps may not be suitable. These pumps are made from high-strength FRP ...

Fybroc Division $$$

Nesquehoning, PA  |  570-645-3779

Hydra Tech Pumps is a leading provider of pumping solutions to a diverse range of industries, with a particular focus on centrifugal pumps. The company was founded in 1977 and has since become a trusted name in the pumping industry, known for its quality products and excellent customer service.

At the heart of Hydra Tech Pumps' offering is its line of centrifugal pumps. These pumps use ...

Hydra-Tech Pumps, Inc. $$$

Lancaster, PA  |  717-397-3521

Lancaster Water Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality centrifugal pumps and pumping solutions. They serve industrial, commercial, and municipal markets with superior pumping products and services.

Centrifugal pumps are one of the core products offered by Lancaster Water Group. These pumps use centrifugal force to move fluid through a rotating impeller, providing...

Lancaster Water Group $$$

Warminster, PA  |  215-343-6000

Teikoku USA Inc. and the Chempump division offers a large variety of multi-stage centrifugal pumps for applications requiring high discharge pressures. General pumps, refrigeration pumps, nuclear pumps, high temperature pumps and slurry pumps are also among products offered.

Teikoku USA $$$

Roanoke, VA  |  540-776-9500

Having the potential to access many brand-name products for you, consider us for your industrial process needs. Centrifugal pumps, controls, filters, monitors, process sensors, sensors and tanks are among the products we can secure for your needs. We are just a phone call, e-mail or fax away.

Industrial Process Technologies, Inc. $$$
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Centrifugal Pumps Power Pages

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps

A centrifugal pump is defined as a hydraulic machine that changes mechanical energy into hydraulic energy by the use of centrifugal force acting on the fluid. This is a machine that uses rotation to enforce velocity on a liquid...

Metering Pumps

Metering Pumps

A metering pump is a precision mechanical device that moves or pumps a measured amount of a fluid or liquid in a predetermined time period to create an accurate and exact volumetric flow...

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

A vacuum pump is a piece of equipment capable of generating a partial vacuum or a low-pressure space by drawing gas molecules out of a sealed chamber. A vacuum is a relative state at which the chamber pressure has...

Types of Sump Pumps

Types of Sump Pumps

Battery powered sump pumps are very similar to any of the other types of sump pumps. When the water level reaches a preset level, the pump is activated by the float and water is pumped out. The main difference between a regular sump pump and...

Ball Valves

Ball Valves

A ball valve is a shut-off valve that allows or obstructs the flow of liquids and gases in a piping system by rotating the ball having a bore inside the valve for 90°. The ball is mounted against two seats and has a stem that connects it to the operating and control mechanism that rotates the ball...

Check Valves

Check Valves

A check valve is a safety device designed to allow fluids and gases to flow in one direction. Under pressure, fluids enter the valve at the inlet and exit through the outlet. Uninterrupted flow continues until the pressure drops, or the pump is shut down...

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